How Do You Care for Your Microfiber Detailing Towels?

Last updated on January 8th, 2024

Thank you for joining me. Today, I will discuss something that doesn’t get much attention after detailing a vehicle. It has to do with your microfiber towels. I will discuss my methods for caring for my detailing towels in the following post: How Do You Care for Your Microfiber Detailing Towels?

Detailing towels do not get the attention they often deserve because it is not the most glamorous part of the detailing job. Another reason this topic receives little attention is that every detailer has different methods for cleaning their microfiber towels. They may have added steps to improve their strategy for their situation. Undoubtedly, microfiber towels are one of the most essential tools in a professional detailer’s arsenal.

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Types and Composition of Microfiber Towels

There are several different types, styles, and brands of microfiber towels, and I have discussed some in other posts. We will start with your vehicle drying towels, the most critical and expensive towels.

You might have one or two drying towels if you are a weekend warrior or a DIYer. In my detailing business, I have eight to ten drying towels. I like to try new towels in my business to understand what works best in a particular situation. You can read more about the Chemical Guys Speed Mammoth drying towel in my post, Top Car Wash Tips for a Flawless Finish! Below is a list of other towels a detailer may use while performing various tasks on a vehicle.

As I mentioned in another post, Say Goodbye to Automatic Car Wash Damage, I use a giant drying towel from Luxury Microfiber (the Sucker). It dries my whole truck. After drying my truck with the Sucker, the towel is not soaked with water, and I can dry other vehicles. The Sucker Luxury Microfiber towel is 34″ x 28.” It has a 1400 GSM measurement and is dual-sided with twisted loops. Also, the towel is edgeless, so there is less risk of scratching your vehicle’s surface.

How Do You Care for Your Microfiber Detailing Towels?

GSM refers to grams per square meter in measuring the towel’s density. The higher the GSM, as in the above case, 1400 GSM, conveys the thickness, absorbency, and pile length.

Another point to address when buying microfiber towels is their composition. Most microfiber towels are comprised of a blend of polyester and polyamide fibers. The most common blend is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, but towels are also made with a 70/30 or 60/40 blend. The polyester fibers provide strength and durability, while the polyamide fibers provide absorbency and lint-free cleaning.

Benefits of Using Microfiber Detailing Towels

How Do You Care for Your Microfiber Detailing Towels?
  • Microfiber towels are reusable and can be machine-washed and dried.
  • Some are lint-free, making them less likely to scratch or mar the surfaces.
  • The towels are safe to use on delicate surfaces because they are soft and gentle.
  • Microfiber towels are absorbent and can hold as much as seven times their weight in water.

Special Care Instructions for Your Microfiber Towels

Caring for your microfiber is essential, and there is a correct way of cleaning your towels. When your microfiber towels get dirty, wash them in the washing machine, separating them from other laundry items. It might be necessary to prewash, soak, and agitate the heavier soiled towels before machine washing them.

I separate my towels by their task or cleaning purpose. That means I am not cleaning towels I use on wheels with towels I use on windows. Also, I have a system for using specific colored towels for certain tasks in the detailing process. My color system helps when it is time to wash my microfiber towels.

I use many microfiber towels in my detailing business, but often, I do not have enough to make full washing machine loads. In that case, instead of washing my detailing towels at the end of the day, I will store them with the chemicals in a clean and sealed five-gallon bucket for future wash loads. This way, the microfiber doesn’t dry out or become musty smelling or damaged. If I leave some water in the bucket, I can agitate the more soiled towels.

After your microfiber towels have been washed, you can hang them to dry naturally or dry them in the clothes dryer on fluff or the lowest dryer heat setting; otherwise, they can melt. Do NOT use fabric softener in your washing machine or dryer sheets when drying your microfiber towels.

Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash and Instructions

Use warm but not hot water and Chemical Guys microfiber wash cleaning detergent to improve your microfiber towels’ absorbency and texture. Do NOT use any fabric softeners when washing or drying your microfiber towels. The Chemical Guys microfiber wash detergent can be used in standard & high-efficiency washing machines.

  1. Separate microfiber towels by type, color, and task into designated wash & dry loads.
  2. Machine wash microfiber towels with Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash and warm water.
  3. Add one ounce for small wash loads, two for medium loads, or three or more ounces for large ones.
  4. Machine dry microfiber towels on NO or LOW heat.
  5. Do NOT use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

As I mentioned, I used many microfiber detailing towels from April through October, and I still have 1/5 of a gallon of the wash concentrate from the Chemical Guys. Needless to say, a little goes a long way.

How Do You Care for Your Microfiber Detailing Towels?

Common Mistakes When Cleaning Microfiber Towels

MistakeHow to Avoid
Do not use hot water to wash microfiber towels.Use warm or cold water. Hot water can damage the fibers of the microfiber towel.
Never use fabric softeners.Fabric softener clogs the fibers, removes static, and makes them less absorbent.
Use caution so as not to use too much detergent.Too much detergent can leave residue on the fibers of the microfiber towel and make them less effective at cleaning.
Only use a low or fluff setting when drying microfiber towels in the dryer.Microfiber towels can be dried in the dryer on low heat, but it’s best to air dry them to prevent them from shrinking or becoming damaged.
Wash them often and after each use.Microfiber towels should be washed after each use to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime.
How Do You Care for Your Microfiber Detailing Towels?

Additional Tips for Caring for Microfiber Towels

Below are some additional tips for caring for your microfiber detailing towels:

  1. Wash microfiber towels separately from other fabrics.
  2. Do not bleach microfiber towels.
  3. Avoid using harsh chemicals on microfiber towels.
  4. You can use a cup of distilled white vinegar in your towel load to help remove stains.
  5. Inspect microfiber towels for damage before each use.
  6. If your towels get too tattered or degraded, throw them away and purchase new ones.

Storing Microfiber Towels to Keep Them Clean & Effective

Another factor in caring for your microfiber towels is storing them. I use a couple of large totes to sort and store my towels. This keeps them clean, dry, and dust-free. The totes I use are waterproof and easily stored in the basement in the off-season.

I mentioned earlier that if I don’t have enough for a sizeable wash load, I store the dirty towels in a five-gallon bucket of water with a small amount of the Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash. This method helps to agitate the more heavily soiled towels as I drive from job to job throughout the day.

Important Note About Using Your Home Washer & Dryer

After talking so much about washing and drying your microfiber towels, it is worth noting that once you have cleaned the towels, you should probably run a cleaning cycle on your washing machine before washing your clothing and personal garments. Perform the washing machine cleaning cycle for people in your household who might have allergies to certain soap products or dyes in the soaps.

Most modern washers have this cycle designed to clean the washing machine. We use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner to clean the washing machine.

Wrapping Things Up…

Before starting my detailing business, I would have never imagined that there could be so much information and direction when washing microfiber towels…😮 As you have read, it is not the case. I hope my post, How Do You Care for Your Microfiber Detailing Towels, answered your questions.

If you would like to provide feedback, comment, like, share, or ask questions about this or any other automobile detailing topic, please do so in the sections below this post. Do you have any favorite brands of microfiber detailing towels? Are there unique methods for cleaning your towels that have worked well for you? Let’s keep the conversation going.

Again, thank you for patronizing my website, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Kindest regards, Matt

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