Double Up for a Rinse-less Car Wash!

Last updated on February 26th, 2024

In today’s post, I will discuss how to double up for a Rinse-less Car Wash! This is a twist from past articles about how to wash your car because you will be limited to water availability. Still, prior techniques I discussed included the popular two-bucket approach to washing a car; therefore, this post will be no different.

With this in mind and real-world scenarios, there might be other reasons you would need or want to perform a rinse-less car wash. Surprisingly, many situations can prohibit you from having the ability to wash your vehicle with the standard water hose or pressure washer methods compared to what I have posted before. Some cases may include apartment dwellings, seasonal changes, special vehicle requirements, and drought-stricken regions.

Bucket Hack: Rinse-Free Hose-Less Car Wash!

It’s time to gather your supplies to start the rinse-less car wash. You will need approximately 10 gallons of water to accomplish this car wash. As you can see, it is not entirely a waterless car wash. It is, however, far more water-efficient than a regular car wash. Another critical point, and I alluded to this before, is you can perform a rinse-less wash inside your garage in the middle of winter.

I have included a list of necessary items for the rinse-less car wash. The tools and chemicals are based on my preferences to complete the task.

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List of rinse-less car wash materials:

Product List
(2) four to five-gallon buckets – one for washing and the other for rinsing your wash mitt
(2) Dirt Traps – one for each of your buckets
The Duck Foaming Trigger & Sprayer Bottle from the Chemical Guys is to be used for saturating and pre-soaking heavily soiled areas.
Chemical Guys Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt for washing and rinsing the dirt and debris from the car’s finish.
Duck Foaming Trigger & Sprayer Bottle from the Chemical Guys to be used for saturating and pre-soaking heavily soiled areas.
(6) Chemical Guys Happy Ending Edgeless 16″ * 16″ Plush Purple Microfiber Towels for drying and buffing the surface.

“See, Mom, I’m Washing my car without a water hose.”

With this type of car wash, using the two-bucket & two-dirt trap method will undoubtedly be more important. Whenever you wash a vehicle this way without a pre-rinse or post-rinse, you accumulate all the dirt and debris from your car onto your wash mitt, towels, and in the bottom of the buckets. Subsequently, the chances of scratching the surfaces are increased if not done correctly.

However, you can avoid damaging your vehicle if you follow the steps & precautions listed below. Another difference with this type of wash is you will wash the tires and wheels last.

Steps for Properly Performing a Rinse-less Car Wash:

  1. Add tap water to your two buckets, filling them 1/2 to 2/3 full.
  2. Insert your dirt traps in each bucket angled down and press them flat in the bottom.
  3. Shake your Chemical Guys Rinse Free Wash & Shine vigorously.
  4. Pour two to three ounces into one of the four or five-gallon buckets of water.
  5. Mix the detergent into the water with your clean Chenille microfiber wash mitt.
  6. Fill your 32 oz Foaming Trigger & Spray Bottle with water and 1 oz detergent.
  7. Shake the spray bottle well and apply the detergent to pre-treat heavier soiled areas of your car.
  8. Grab your wash mitt and wring out the excess suds and water so it is wet but not dripping.
  9. Start wiping the vehicle panels in one direction, from the top of the vehicle down, and slightly rotating your wrist with the wash mitt until the surface is dirt-free.
  10. Place the wash mitt into your rinse bucket of water.
  11. Move it across the dirt trap to remove the accumulated dirt so it goes into the funneled trap.
  12. Wring out the wash mitt (either on the ground or into a third bucket) before dunking it back into the soap bucket.
  13. Dry and buff the surfaces as you finish washing.
  14. Get your wash mitt from your soapy wash bucket.
  15. Squeeze the excess soapy water into the soap bucket.
  16. Repeat steps 8 – 15 until the entire vehicle is clean and dry.
  17. Buff your vehicle dry with the Chemical Guys Happy Ending Edgeless 16″ * 16″ Plush Premium Microfiber Towels.
  18. If you see any streaks, apply a quick detail spray or a spray wax coat onto your drying towels and apply it to the surface panels.

Below is a Video from the Chemical Guys to reinforce the principles.

Eco-Wash: Rinse Less, Shine More Tires & Wheels

After completing the step to double up for a rinse-less car wash additionally, use a quick detail spray or shine product on the surface to add more clarity and shine. Besides, this will help remove any streaks that may have been left during the washing and drying steps.

Lastly, wash the tires and wheels with the remaining soapy water in your bucket or spray bottle. If necessary, you can use the same process you used to complete all the steps above on the vehicle’s surface.

Taking all these into account, 

My post provides a list of necessary items and a proven process for washing your vehicle with less water and the fewest products possible. Thus, it can be done anywhere clean water is available and at any time.

In short, using the two-bucket and two-dirt trap method is vital to avoid scratching the vehicle’s surface. Subsequently, the steps involve mixing the detergent, applying it to the car with a microfiber wash mitt, rinsing it in your rinse bucket, and repeating until the entire vehicle is clean and dry. My post also recommends using a quick detail spray or an enhanced shine product to improve the surface’s clarity and shine. Lastly, wash the tires and wheels with the remaining soapy water or your spray bottle.

Thank you for visiting my website and reading my Double Up for a Rinse-less Car Wash post! As you read the step-by-step instructions for a rinse-less and hose-free car wash, I hope it initiated some questions, comments, or tips you would like to share. Nevertheless, it should go without saying you can post any questions about this post or any of my other past articles in the comment sections at the bottom of my web pages.

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