Revitalize Your Ride with Jetseal Protection!

Last updated on February 26th, 2024

Today, I will examine a product I have used on many jobs in my detail business. It is the Chemical Guys product called Jetseal. The reasons I chose to review Jetseal are detailed later in this post, but I like everything about this product. It starts with the ease of use, and never have I hit on how much time, effort, and money Jetseal saves me annually. I used Jetseal on my truck in September 2022. If you were to see it washed today, you would think I just applied the Jetseal directly after the wash. You, too, can revitalize your ride with Jetseal protection!

Revitalize Your Ride with Jetseal Protection!

Unbeatable Shine: Chemical Guys Jetseal Tested!

I have written about Chemical Guys Jetseal paint sealant in other posts. Please refer to those posts about applying paint sealant after washing your vehicle and paint sealants compared to waxes.

As mentioned above, I used Jetseal on my truck almost seven months ago. Even with all the winter rain and during maintenance washes, the water beads and sheets off the truck. When I drive to work, either after rain the night before or on my side of town, there are still water beads and pools on the truck’s hood. My commute to the office is no less than 35 – 40 miles each way on the expressway, doing the speed limit of 65 mph 😉. This equates to an estimated 20,000 miles per year in all conditions.

The other thing I notice about Jetseal is that there are never any water spots. This all occurs even before putting on the final coat of wax. Unfortunately or fortunately, I ran out of time because of customer-pay jobs (depends on if you are a glass-half-full or half-empty type of person.)

Detailers Speak About the Lack of Affinity for Water.

If that heading doesn’t get you going – nothing will!😉
I am no scientist, and I never claim to be able to understand much about it, but you have to love the word…Hydrophobic or Hydrophobicity!

Those are fun words, and you will often hear them in the automobile detail space when professional detailers talk about a chemical surface coating, water, and how bonding chemicals cause a surface to react to water. This happens when a vehicle’s water beads or pools up and runs off because of the molecules in the bonded chemicals. It has a lack of affinity for water, or it is hydrophobic.

Revitalize Your Ride with Jetseal Protection! Chemical Guys showing of Hydrophobicity.

Is Chemical Guys Jetseal the Best Overall Paint Sealant Available?

The answer to the question still boils down to anyone’s opinion…I have mine. You can revitalize your ride with Jetseal protection and form your opinion! Please post your views, comments, tips, tricks, and questions in the comments section at the bottom of this and every page on my website.

Writing the section on the pros and cons was the most challenging task for this review. On the one hand, I don’t have every pro on this product, but as you can see, the ones listed are excellent to reference in forming an opinion. I found the cons challenging to come up with, as you will see below.

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Directions for Sealing your vehicle with Jetseal:

The Jetseal paint sealant directions are easy to follow and understand. Start by washing the car and drying it. You must shake the bottle vigorously. Apply a thin layer of Jetseal by hand or machine at a low-speed setting to the vehicle’s panels, including the glass. Allow the Jetseal to dry to a haze for about 20 minutes. Then buff it off side-to-side to a high-gloss shine using premium microfiber towels.

Do not wash the vehicle for at least 12 hours, which allows Jetseal to bond to the vehicle’s surface. If you park the car in the sun, first, you will see the deep, lustrous, vibrant color and reflection. This will also speed up the curing and bonding process of the Jetseal.

Jetseal Pricing and Usage

After sealing the car with Chemical Guys Jetseal, you can add the wax you choose. If you purchase the kit above and to the left, you will receive a paste wax from the Chemical Guys called Petes 53. The 16oz bottle of Jetseal comes with an applicator pad for spreading Petes 53 paste wax and three quality microfiber towels. Last I checked, the kit was $75.00 through the Chemical Guys.

I have not used the Petes 53 yet, but if I do, I will create a review for it in the future. The Jetseal has been moderately priced at roughly $40.00. I used it on my Ford F-250 and applied it to all the surfaces, including the glass, but I barely used two ounces. When using the Jetseal, remember you are spreading four pea-sized drops at a time, almost handling the whole driver’s side of my truck. Did I mention that my truck is a four-door SuperCrew, as seen in the picture above? 

Stay Tuned: Future Review Forthcoming on Wax.

Stay tuned to my website because you won’t want to miss out on some new waxes I am trying out this summer in my detailing business. I will tell you a secret: one of those waxes is a paste wax from a direct competitor to the Chemical Guys. I did get a chance to test it on one body panel during the winter, and it looked amazing. The wax had a great smell to it. It was fruity smelling and not like your typical carnauba wax smell.

Pros for Chemical Guys Jetseal

1. Value (ROI) provides 6 – 12 months of Defense2. Protects against water spotting and paint etching
3. Ease of Use – apply and wait for 15 – 20 minutes to dry to a haze and buff off the surfaces4. Highly-refined synthetic nano-tech polymers that bond to the surfaces for long-term durability
5. Anti-corrosive protection for vehicle-painted metal surfaces6. Protects against harmful UV sunlight, contamination, and road grime
7. Restores and enriches high gloss shine on any painted plastic, glass, & metal surface8. Originally developed for the aerospace industry, which demanded protection from extreme hot & cold temperatures
9. Hydrophobicity – water beading and sheeting; runs right off the vehicle10. Can be used on exterior glass surfaces for its hydrophobic properties
Specifications: Manufactured by the Chemical Guys in CA. It comes in a 4 oz or 16 oz squeeze bottle and can be applied by hand or a machine. Revitalize Your Ride with Jetseal Protection!

Cons For Chemical Guys Jetseal

1. Can be expensive compared to other sealants in a similar class and for a budget-minded detail enthusiast2. In extremist conditions, the product may require reapplication after three-four months
3. Requires end-user to prepare the surface thoroughly before applying Jetseal to the surfaces 4. Comments from various sources say the water does not bead or sheet as explained in promotional materials.
While writing this review, thinking of the Cons was the most challenging factor.

Jetseal: A Game-Changer for Car Detailing!

Below is a video called Step 5: What is a Sealant and How To Protect Your Car by Chemical Guys Detail Garage, and they are applying Jetseal to a Nissan GT-R.

Upon Analysis,

As you probably understand, I fully believe in Chemical Guys Jetseal for use on my painted surfaces, plastics, metals, and glass. I use the product regularly, and it has not failed me at any level. I will use it more this year in my detailing business and take many pictures. Hopefully, I will gather customer testimonials to post on my site.

I hope you enjoyed my product review about revitalizing your ride with Jetseal protection! Also, I hope you learned as much about Chemical Guys Jetseal as I did.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or tips, please post them in the comments section below. I would enjoy hearing from you.

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